Gospel Desk

A Narrative Apparatus

Cataloging characters, frames, and scenes

The Gospels lays out Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John in a way that is easy to read, to make their narrative force more immediate. The Gospels, with a Narrative Apparatus has an opposite goal: to render the narrative structure of the Gospels systematically and definitively, in both print and digital editions.

The three primary prerequisite tasks apparent so far are:

  1. Catalog, taxonomically, all of the characters.

  2. Identify all of the different story frames.

  3. Sequentially relate all of the verbs, according to a scale of space and time, in order to determine the scenes.

I am writing specialized software to aid in compiling this information. Lord willing, the result will be an exhaustive dataset that will provide the foundation for many fruitful analyses, such as The Twelve Believers. Visit the project on GitHub to learn more and get involved.


Prototype 1.0

Prototype 1.5


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